Lesley Moffitt, Kirsten Ringstrom




Lesley moffitt prairie moments

art is an extension of who i am ,what i have learned, and how i communicate with others. My art is based on my emotions. i can take a piece of yarn, fabric, thread and make it into a tactile 2D picture. the splendor of both coasts and the prairies have been a strong influence on my art.

through my art i am trying to get people to look outside the box.i believe that they can see that my art comes from my heart and it will ring bells for them too,just by looking at it and the matetials i have chosen to use.this can be any combination of felt, paint, beading, embroidery and machine stitching with various embellishments that i collect along the way.

i am still learning and constantly looking for courses to enhance my use of fibre and the different techniques that can be used to add new dimensions to my art.


kirsten ringstrom Return of the buffalo

kirsten ringstrom was born in winnipeg manitoba. she completed a ba in art history from the university of winnipeg. in 2001 she graduated from the alberta college of art and design with a major in drawing. she apprenticed as a natural builder with cobwebs on vancouver island, which lead her to mexico, tanzania, salt spring island and back to manitoba constructing buildings from cob, cordwood and straw bales. she currently resides in calgary, alberta, during the winter, and returns to her straw bale studio in manitoba in the summer.

the body of work exhibited at the wasagaming community arts gallery is titled "return of the buffalo". in this series ringtrom explores themes of homecoming, reunification, family and attachment to place using the recent reintroduction of bison to banff national park as a metaphor. She employs conventional drawing techniques with digital technology to further exemplify this state of continuous migration.