Sailing into Sunset on Clear Lake, July 14th,  2017, Weiming Zhao

Sailing into Sunset on Clear Lake, July 14th, 2017, Weiming Zhao

Weiming Zhao


A Painter’s Statement

Here on display is a collection of my plein air painting from my numerous excursions to the Riding Mountain National Park. As a painter I just want to express my unabashed joy and share my excitement each time I expose my senses to its visual spectaculars.

Painting en plein air in location from the Riding Mountain National Park is a multi sensual experience of not only its visual spectaculars but also its sounds and scents which all combine to stimulate me to translate what i see into a pictorial statement. No other way of painting can be as sensual and direct as painting en plein air. As a painter I could feel the spirit and energy from each location pulsating through every pore in my body enabling my sold to to through a pure cleanings adulation.


It is my hope that these paintings are capable of vicariously transporting you to the same sight and sound that touches me in my deep heart core as a painter.



  Beyond Sight (6), 2016, Kati Nagy

Beyond Sight (6), 2016, Kati Nagy

Kati Nagy


Beyond Sight                                                       

 Transitions can be difficult.  Sometimes we need to go in a new direction but the way forward is unclear.  We only know we can not continue in the same way, that our old way is keeping us stuck in frustrating patterns.  These times can feel dark and unsettling.  I felt this way about moving forward in my life this last year.  When I read The Artist’s Rule by Christine Valters Paintner I found her thoughts around the Benedictine monk’s practice of Vigil prayers helpful.  She shared how they include times of prayer in the dark before sunrise as a way of honoring the importance of the period of the day before the light arrives.  She writes:

“We often hold a lot of fear around darkness and yet the night invites us to a different way of being.  We do not like to wait in a culture of instant gratification.  Yet we are called to dwell in the dark, fertile soil of the earth, in that space where seeds incubate and begin their cycle of growth.  Here we can cultivate a different way of seeing the possibilities not yet named and dreams being born. “

I worked on my art this year relying on the trust that I am being shown the way even when I do not yet see the path before me. The art pieces were made by focusing more heavily on my intuition to guide me.  I experimented with using colours chosen without sight, painting with my non-dominant hand, and trusting the piece to evolve over many days of different washes and marks.  I found myself cutting the paper into smaller strips like material samples or panoramic views.   The smallest of these were hung with rocks I collected and linen embroidery thread as markers to my process. What evolved was a series of paintings/drawings depicting a transition to the new path Beyond Sight