Lynn Friesen

Journey Through the Past


My name is Lynn and I am a Manitoba artists with a passion for the natural world and the lives of the creatures that share this home with us. My images are created through many layers and washes of acrylic paint, which slowly builds up a richness of colour, tone and dimension. the resulting image is one that exudes energy and vibrancy.

I attended and completed three years of study at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Manitoba in 1990. My earlier work was rendered in a much more REALISTIC style and I had successful showings and sales through Ducks Unlimited events, small galleries and features such as through the tiger hills arts association. In my current ARTISTIC practice, my work is an expression of my internal exploration of personal memories, as well as the lives of the particular animal or bird that has captured my focus and imagination. My paintings are currently shown at the art gallery of southwestern manitoba in brandon, poor michaels in onanole and wasagaming community arts. i run a virtual gallery and sell my work through facebook, instagram and a work has made its way into homes in ottawa, osoyoos, saskatoon, brandon, winnipeg and the united kingdom. i greatly APPRECIATE having this opportunity to share with visitors exploring the beauty of riding MOUNTAIN national park.

my artwork is all about the process of creation. it could start by looking out on a cold windswept day and imagining a red fox playing in the snow. or perhaps i read something that inspired an idea-the tale of odinn's two ravens, huginn and muninn, whose names mean thought and memory. once the image sparks, memory and mood and music serve to grow and fan it's flame until a day comes, sometimes many weeks or months later-when it insists on coming out. then comes the hours of intence energy and focus to express on canvas what has developed and flared in my imagination. from the windswept canadian prairies to you-i hope you will enjoy where my journey takes me.