Unearthed is an exhibition of work from the Rural Artists Mentorship Program, a partnership between Mentoring Artists for Women's Arts (MAWA) and the Manitoba Arts Network.

It was born from bridging distance, sparking connections, and encouraging growth.
It was fed by inspiring exploration, generosity of spirit, and appreciating differences.
It uncovers burgeoning ideas, strengths, fears and passions.
It exposes six artists' thoughtful, individual, determined reaction to the world.
It invites the audience to observe with curiosity, contemplate, unearth their own truths, and act on them.
Individual exploration and shared experiences resulted in works that give voice to strong convictions and diverse windows on the world. Materials were mindfully gathered, techniques are presented in less traditional ways.

Each artist explores different depths of being, unpacking layers of physical, ideological and spiritual connections. Unearthed speaks of passion, freedom, choice and responsibility.



 arlene thickett 

Arlene Thickett lives near Binscarth Manitoba. Being immersed in the beautiful, natural surroundings of the country side is all the inspiration she needs for creating her clay sculptures. Her latest work focuses on capturing the textures, forms and colours of the amazing lichens and fungi she sees on her walks.

jan jenkins

“My greatest joy is creating visual art inspired by the patterns and imagery around me – the harmony and rhythm of line, shape, color, contrast. I lose myself in the creative process, its flow meditatively translating into my works of art, creations designed for peaceful contemplation.”

morag schonken

Morag Schonken is an interdisciplinary artist, emerging curator and environmental advocate whose interests include installation, sound, sculpture, weaving, homesteading, and community projects. Born in Zimbabwe, Morag has traveled most of her life, living, creating, and exhibiting in Toronto, Winnipeg, Halifax, Australia, England, Singapore, South Africa, and currently in Pierson, Manitoba. She has her BFA from NSCAD University.

Derryl may

Ceramic artist Derryl May, received his Fine Arts degree from Brandon University, where he discovered his love for clay as a sculpting medium. His emotionally charged figurative style brings awareness to psychological and spiritual states of being in how we connect with our selves, others and our environment.

jenna alexander

Jenna started her creative journey in 2011 and loved working in encaustic which she found provided a depth, texture and play of light not possible in other mediums. Her art reflected her struggle with cancer and the conflicting emotions that came with trying to live fully under the constraints of chemo and a shortened life expectancy. Sadly, Jenna passed away in February 2017.

Rosemarie Péloquin

“I am drawn to ordinary people, those that make up the wallpaper of every day life. I sculpt faces with wool and tiny barbed wands, teasing the fibres, coaxing them to reveal the character within. Seeing the person beside me brings the world into perspective.”